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Mrs. Susan Tarsi

973 543 2501 x5102

WM Mendham HS
65 East Main Street
Mendham, NJ  07945
p: (973) 543-2501
f: (973) 543-6950


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Check your course website/ Weekly Information frequently for updates, plans, and special announcements.

Name: Susan Tarsi

If you have any questions for me, please contact me by email when possible.

Phone Number: 973-543-2501

Department: Technology



I am looking forward to an outstanding 2014-2015 school year. This year, I am teaching:

IB Design Technology/ Engineering,

Architectural Structures, Robotics, and Engineering Robotics

I am available everyday during lunch and periods 1 and 7  to assist you with classwork or homework.  Please schedule with me in advance. 

Check my course website/ Weekly Information and  for updates, plans, and special announcements.

All classes:


  • The grading system will consist of a point system.
  • Your grade will be determined by the percentage of points accumulated.



Class work and Homework Assignments


Internal Assessments

Major Design project

*Positive and Active participation during class (Attendance)


Class Format

IB Design Technology and Pre Engineering students are expected to master the content of this course as well as demonstrate an ability to apply this content to life situations. Students will actively participate in classes often presenting material for each lesson.    



Needed Materials for the Class


Notebook – 2” or larger 3 Ring Binder

Page dividers for binder (7)

Package of 3"x5" index cards

white cards are fine


Pen blue or black ink


USB storage drive * Highly recommended


Positive, active participation is essential.  Students are graded on being involved in class as well as paying attention. An 85 is a high average.  Additional points are added for contributing to questions and answers and class discussions.


Is required  to maintain a sketchbook throughout the year

Robotics Engineering 

Is required to maintain a Engineering Notebook for the entire Major Design Project.



1 Architecture 169
2 Administrative Prep 169
3 Robotics 169
4 Duty/ Music Wing
5 Engineering Robotics 143
6 Robotics 169
7 Design Technology 169/170
8 Prep 169