Tara Trent

My name is Miss Trent and this is my second year at Mendham teaching physics. I taught Academic and Advanced physics last year. I graduated from Rowan University two years ago with a dual major in Physics and Secondary Education.

I am available for extra help during my office duty period in the physics office (students enter through room 205 and the door to it is straight back on your left after the lab benches). I am also available after school every Tuesday and other days by appointment. 

Below is a list of the websites to my Haiku pages by class period number.

Period 2 - https://wmrhsd.haikulearning.com/30taratrent/physicsav22

Period 4 - https://wmrhsd.haikulearning.com/30taratrent/physicsav44

Period 5 - https://wmrhsd.haikulearning.com/30taratrent/physicsav525

Period 7 - https://wmrhsd.haikulearning.com/30taratrent/physicsav77

1Prep PeriodPhysics Office
2Advanced Physics205
3Department DutyPhysics Office
4Advanced Physics201
5Advanced Physics201
6Prep PeriodPhysics Office
7Advanced Physics201
8Grade 10 Study HallCafeteria

65 East Main Street     Mendham, NJ 07945     p: (973) 543-2501     f: (973) 543-6950