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Bienvenidos a la clase de la profesora Sandel! My classroom is a welcoming, warm, and yet a challenging place. Students should have the opportunity, not only to learn and discover new things, but also they should find a place where they feel cared for by their teacher. A Spanish language class promotes academic achievement and an environment that emphasizes cooperative education through meaningful learning, such as creating projects where they learn and explore Spanish speaking communities. In my classroom we will work to promote:

 • Taking risks while using the language

 • Cultural awareness: understanding Spanish beyond the classroom (in the community)   

 • Differentiated instruction: helping learners with different learning styles by using visuals, writing, reading, technology, speaking, etc. 

 • Learner-centered instruction 

 • Cooperative work in which the students will have the opportunity to make intelligent choices for the learning material. 

Building a great classroom environment requires: 

Read (Read and do your assignments, which require bringing your material to class) 

On time (Be on time for class and attend class consistently. Three tardies=detention) 

Copying somebody’s work does not help you succeed. Using online translators and somebody else’s writing results in a failing grade for the assignment. 

Kindness is contagious! You may speak after your teacher or a student presents material, be seated by the time the bell rings.  

Speak Spanish (Speak Spanish in class. Taking risks and participation are highly valuable in our class! Immersion to the target language will be my approach)  

Consequences: Depending on the student's violation and circumstances, the following are possible consequences for choices you make that hinder your success in my class:

 • Verbal Warning

 • Forgotten Materials

 • 20 seconds after bell rings(students out of the classroom)

 • 10+ minute detention after school/lunch time 

 • 20+ minute detention after school and notification to parent / guardian

 • Referral to office

 • Parent-Student Conference

 • Behavioral Referral

Course Materials:

 • One three ring binder, divided by the following (homework, class notes, handouts, quizzes and exams)

 • Loose leaf paper for your binder

 • A pocket Spanish-English dictionary

 • Pens and pencils

Course Requirements and Grading Criteria:

a. Participation/Preparedness

The participation grade is worth 100-150 points of the marking period grade (highest grade). Participation is based on the level of the student's engagement, readiness and/or willingness to speak, listening, and participation (using the target language) in in-class activities. This includes respecting classmates when talking, completing assignments, having materials ready, taking notes, attending class and being on time. Class Participation/Preparedness is not limited to these guidelines.

b. Quizzes

They are worth 15-50 points of the marking period grade. I will be announcing quizzes in class and through the class website; however, there may be some unannounced quizzes related to any topic studied in class, so being prepared is crucial for your success on these unannounced quizzes. Quizzes will include oral exercises, writing, responding to short readings, and in-class activities such as Socrative, TGT, RFM, etc. (An explanation for these activities will be posted on the website for the Unit plan.)

c. Exams/projects

They are worth 55-100 points each for the marking period. I will be announcing and posting the dates in class and on the website. Exams and projects are based on listening, reading, and writing. I will be handling rubrics to help you understand the grade criteria and expectations.

Due Dates: if a student misses a quiz, exam, or project due to illness, he/she is required to take it the next time he/she is present in class. Students missing any evaluations (including failing quizzes) have up to two weeks to complete them from the due date of the assignment. Any major project and exam may not be retaken, unless there are justifying circumstances. A grade may be reduced per day for any assignment not ready on the announced due date, depending on the circumstances. Projects include: oral presentations, writing, research, portfolio, and Web-projects.

d. Homework/In-class assignments and organization.

They are worth 10-15 points each. There will be weekly homework assignments, which will be a significant grade at the end of the marking period. This grading includes organization of the assignment (such as a clean appearance, clear writing, handing in on-time, etc.) I will provide a homework rubric. Since there may be some unannounced quizzes, it is important to complete homework assignments when due. Any homework turned in after I collected them will be marked as late. Any assignment turned in after it is due will receive partial credit (1-2 days). If the student was absent, the student should mark ABSENT on top of the work. I will be posting assignments, homework, etc. on my website (Haiku Learning); therefore, you are in charge of your own work. You can contact me and your classmates, if you have any questions; remember, it is ultimately your responsibility to complete your work on time. More info, please see haiku 

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