Joy Burdette

Bienvenidos, Estudiantes y Padres-

I am so looking forward to working with you this school year, my 19th here at Mendham High. 

We will be using two main tools this year for lessons and materials, organization, and communication: PowerSchool Learning and Google Classroom.

Power School Learning (formerly Haiku): Thematically organized lessons and materials. All handouts and materials are accessible on my Haiku pages, under the tab that corresponds to the unit being studied.There you can find specific information about the course, homework assignments and procedures, class rules, grading, rubrics, and linguistic proficiency. Additionally, there are support pages with homework help and resources, grammar resources, and explanations of the four skill areas: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Students have access to Haiku through their school 

Google accounts. 

Spanish 3 Honors link:

Spanish 4 Advanced Haiku link:

Google Classroom:  Interactive discussions, delivery and handing in of assignments, Google Docs, Google Forms, etc. This is a super tool that is chronological and linear. The link for joining Google Classroom is found on our class Power School Learning page. 

GRADING is on a total point system and done solely in PowerSchool.

Quizzes = 50 points

Tests = 100 points

Homework = 10 points each unless otherwise specified

Classwork = 10 -20 points

Oral Proficiency = 5 points daily when applicable

Marking period grade = Earned Points divided by Possible Points.

I am available for extra help Tuesdays after school in room 167 and during periods 6 (lobby) and 8. The best way to reach me is by email at the address listed above. I can also be reached by phone - (973) 543-2501 x5114. Please allow 24 hours for me to respond.

I look forward to meeting parents at Back to School night, Thursday, September 29, 2017!

2Spanish 3 Honors168
3Spanish 3 Honors167
4Spanish 4 Advanced168
5Spanish 4 Advanced167
7Spanish 4 AdvancedLobby

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