Justin Carraro

Mr. Carraro's Home Page:

Thanks for taking the time to visit.  This is my 14th year within the district. After serving my first seven years at WMC, I am now starting my seventh year here at Mendham.  I currently teach Entrepreneurship (Opportunity and Development) and am extremely passionate about the subject.  I have an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Scranton (2001) and am currently pursuing my MBA with a focus in Entrepreneurship.  

I am also advisor for the Peace Project and the School Store.  I am always looking for help in both.  Please see me in room 129 if you are interested in joining either.  Feel free to visit the School Store Website on the Mendham homepage.  

I am available for extra help during lunch in room 129, after school on Tuesdays in the lobby/129, as well as periods 7 & 8 in room 129 or in the lobby.  Please set up a time with me to meet!

Click on the link to access my Power-School Learning (formerly Haiku) pages for both of my classes:

65 East Main Street     Mendham, NJ 07945     p: (973) 543-2501     f: (973) 543-6950